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BIG DATA Training Course Overview

Being an expert in handling big data is a much-needed skill you need to possess to increase your job prospects. So you should be equipped with the updated tools and methods to store, retrieve and process the given data extensively.

We, Hope Tutors, one of the leading big data training centre in Chennai, make you big enough to handle big data. We train you down to the minute learning you need to learn with our efficient trainers, who are experienced in big data handling themselves. Hope Tutor- The big data training institute in Chennai - just empowers you with our training in just 30 hours.

As for the placement, our Big Data training centre in Chennai guarantees you with 100% assurance and you’ll be placed as soon as you finish our Hope Tutors’ big data training course.

BIG DATA - Facts, Statistics, Job Opportunities and Salary – An Overview

Being an ever-expanding method to gather, store, process and finally retrieving the data, the concept of Big Data have strong effect on modern economic society.

Big Data Course in Chennai

Our fact-findings have led us to some interesting facts

  • U.S. Library of Congress, a largest public library in US which is famous for its inclusion of almost all of universal publications, have collected 235 Terabytes of data – which amounts to 2,35,000GB in 2011.
  • Everyday nearly 100 Terabytes of data is uploaded to social media Facebook every day.
  • 90% of prestigious Fortune 500 companies are actively involved with Big Data.
  • In a recent survey, it is estimated that a lack of eminent data can cost 20-35% of a company’s overall revenue, which necessitates a qualified Big Data Scientist.
  • Retail business icon Walmart is handling estimated 1 million customer transactions, which in turn stored in large databases.
  • More than 6 million data scientists and data analysts all over the world.

Big Data Training Center in Chennai

Even an established corporate company can suffer badly due to the poor quality of data it collects. There are lot of reasons for a lack of efficient big data. Some of them are shown in the graph.

Big Data Course in Chennai

So there is a growing need for first-rate Big Data developers and analysts in various organized companies. Having a good certified training in big data will help you avoid the errors that deter a good company from improving.

So big data analysts and data scientists are having a massive amount of job opportunities in all of organizations to store, access and analyze the data.

Job Opportunities

Data analysts are the ones who dig deep into the given massive data. Looking for the patterns and correlations between data is their purpose. So people trained in big data management have the bright job opportunities as:

  • Data analysts
  • Statisticians
  • Business Developers
  • Bankers
  • Stockbrokers

Apart from this almost all the leading companies are looking for employees certified with a big data training course.


According to, an average big data analyst earns Rs 3,49,284/- annually. Since the amount of this salary will increase over time, big data scientists have a huge future ahead.

Big Data Course in Chennai

For the Big Data training course fee in Chennai and further info please contact us @ 787 101 22 33.

Key features

40 Hours Instructor led training
Customized syllabus to match candidate needs
Hands-on project execution practice
Real time AWS projects as exercises
Expert Trainers with End to End Implementation Knowledge
Personalized one to one : Class room/Online sessions
24 hours support for clarifications

Course Description

  • Introduction
  • MVC
  • Two way data binding
  • Controllers
  • Scopes
  • Services - Built in & Custom
  • Filters - Built in & Custom
  • Dependency Injection
  • Forms
  • Directives - Built in & Custom
  • Routing - Single Page Application
  • Real Time Projects

We provide training `here

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java Script

Training Till Placement Program

    Specially for Freshers, we provide "Training till Placement" Program. Kindly reach us @ 7871012233 to know more about this.

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I am a frequent outsource learner. In my outsource learning experience, I say the best is with Hope Tutors – Angular JS training. My mode of my learning is online, and the topics covered are really detailed. The trainer is really having in-depth knowledge in Angular JS and explained concepts up-to my level.